Milwaukee Public Library

In September, 2019, we partnered with the Milwaukee Public Library  to train 14 librarians in Restorative Practices and Repair Harm Circle Keeping. We are in the process of follow-up training, to support the partnership between the Milwaukee Public Library and The Alliance School senior high school students who are trained advanced Circle Keepers. The senior high school students will mentor and co-facilitate with the newly trained librarians to hold circles for library patrons and the wider community. The students and librarians will determine the topics that will be discussed, based on the needs of the community. 

Our combined vision is to partner in the creation of monthly Restorative Practices Circles in select libraries throughout Milwaukee, with the goal of proactively developing community, building relationships, managing conflict, and increasing shared values that enable individuals and groups to develop trust and therefore live / work more effectively together. The current plan is to pilot library circles in the community rooms of three Milwaukee Public Libraries, starting in December, 2019.