Circles of Support

In September, 2018, we began participating in a Circles of Support planning group, for development and implementation of Restorative Practice Circles to support and serve the needs of people who are recently released from prison.  The planning group consists of many representatives of organizations throughout Milwaukee, including representatives of Department Of Corrections Probation & Parole, Project Return, Community Advocates, Church-based programs and more. 

Circles of Support are small groups that meet regularly to provide an ongoing, supportive network to people returning from incarceration. Members of each circle include people who are formerly incarcerated, a trained facilitator / circle keeper, and community volunteers. who all have an opportunity to share their stories and learn from each other.  Restorative Circles, LLC has provided and will continue to provide facilitator training for facilitators / circle keepers. Presently, Circles of Support are meeting monthly at four locations in the Milwaukee area.  

For further information, contact Project Return: